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A List of Top Schools Feeding the Asset Management Industry

Which university has produced the most money managers? Ivy League schools rank highly, of course. (Editor's Note: The University of Iowa is listed among the top schools ranked by MBA graduates when scaled for school size.)

Data provider eVestment is out with a research report Tuesday that attempts to answer the question: Which university has produced the most money managers?

University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and Columbia University sent the most graduates into asset management, ranking No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 among all U.S. universities and colleges, according to eVestment. Among MBA programs, University of Chicago, Columbia University, and New York University took the top-three spots.

EVestment compiled several lists based on various criteria of which major U.S. universities and colleges currently have the most graduates working in asset management. Not surprisingly, Ivy League schools rank highly across the firm’s rankings. The firm’s report pulled from a data set of more than 35,000 active professionals that work at more than 4,500 asset-management firms.


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