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Tippie College Announces Leadership Changes

Two employees of the Henry B. Tippie College of Business have been named to prominent leadership positions within the College. Terry Boles, an associate professor of Management and Organizations, has been named the director of the Institute for International Business within the College. In addition, Wendy Ford has been named the interim director of the UI Career Center.

Boles, who holds a Henry B. Tippie Research Fellowship, has had a longstanding interest in international business. Last year, as recipient of a UI Career Development Award, Boles traveled to Russia and China to teach short courses in negotiation and to collect research data on the ways in which people in non-Western cultures approach negotiations differently than do those in Western cultures.

The Institute for International Business coordinates and augments resources throughout the Tippie College in order to enhance the growth and development of international business education. In addition to this position within the Tippie College, Boles has been named president-elect of the International Association of Conflict Management. The Association was founded to encourage scholars and practitioners to develop and disseminate theory, research, and experience that is useful for understanding and improving conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings. Boles will continue her teaching duties while holding these positions.

In her new position, Wendy Ford will be serving as director of the UI Career Center, which helps UI business and liberal arts and sciences students and alumni explore their career interests and pursue full-time and intern employment opportunities. The staff helps students develop their resumes and job search and interviewing skills.

Ford will be working on the development of the Pomerantz Center, a new facility on the UI campus that will be devoted to a student's career progression. In addition to the Career Center, the building will house the Academic Advising Center and the UI Welcome Center.

Prior to moving to the UI Career Center, Ford developed relationships with employers as the director of marketing for the MBA Career Services Office. A graduate of the Iowa Executive MBA Program, Ford served as the executive director of the Iowa City/Coralville Convention and Visitors Bureau before coming to the Tippie College.

In the coming academic year, Ford and her staff want to expand the Career Center's services to younger students--freshmen and sophomores--to start them on their career paths early. Ford says students should network with alumni to find jobs, and do informational interviewing and job shadowing to establish relationships with companies while they are still in school. Internships are also valuable for students to identify and develop the skills they need for a particular job, she added.

As part of a college transition class for freshmen, the Career Center will offer a unit on preparing for employment, covering how to make decisions on choosing careers, a simple career assessment and an overview of the Career Center. An senior-level class for business students is also being developed to help them prepare for the workforce.

The Career Center also will be teaming with two doctoral students under the supervision of Murray Barrick, Stanley M. Howe Professor in the Department of Management and Organizations, to study personality and career fit. Alumni are seeking more services than they have in the past, and Ford and her staff will continue to help meet their needs in the current challenging employment environment.

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