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Tippie MBA Program Jumps to 35th in Financial Times Global Ranking

The Financial Times of London has ranked the Tippie School of Management 35th among the top fulltime MBA programs in the world, jumping from 49th in the 2004 ranking.

Published Jan. 24, the rankings highlight the top 100 schools among the 1,500 MBA programs in the world. The Tippie School's rank placed it 24th among U.S. programs and seventh among programs at public U.S. universities. The Tippie School is ranked third in the Big Ten, behind Northwestern and Michigan.

The rankings of each school were determined by its performance in three broad areas: the career development and purchasing power of graduates, the diversity of the school and its program and business research capabilities.

On average, Tippie graduates earn a 155 percent salary increase from the start of an MBA program to three years after graduation. Tippie graduates earned an average of $94,321 three years after graduation, combining salary figures from the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Financial Times surveys.

"We are very pleased to see a jump in this influential ranking that measures programs in both the U.S. and the international marketplaces," said Gary Gaeth, associate dean of MBA programs in the Tippie School of Management. "It's a reflection of the long-term success of our graduates who realize the quality and value of their MBA education from the University of Iowa."

Colleen Downie, assistant dean of the Tippie School of Management said the ranking also reflects well on the placement efforts of the MBA Career Services staff at the UI. The Financial Times survey placed the Tippie School in the top tier in terms of placement success and the value for money spent on an MBA.

Gaeth noted that this year, the Tippie program was one of several randomly selected each year by the Financial Times for audit by KPMG. "KPMG auditors verified the accuracy of the statistics we submitted to the Financial Times," he said.

The Tippie MBA Program is devoted to providing students with the management training and skill development needed to succeed in today's business world. Students meet frequently with business executives through a series of in-house lectures and company visits. This exposure to working professionals, combined with a comprehensive business curriculum, ensures that Tippie graduates are prepared to make an immediate impact in the workplace.

The Tippie School of Management offers three MBA programs in Iowa designed to enhance professional education: a Fulltime MBA; the MBA for Professionals and Managers (MBA-PM) in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities; and the Executive MBA, with programs in Iowa City and Des Moines. The Tippie School also offers an International Executive MBA program in Hong Kong and Beijing.

More information about the rankings is available on the Financial Times website at

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