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Entrepreneurship Club Travels to Utah for Private Equity Summit

University of Iowa I-Envision members Jeremy O'Briant, Alan Lippert, Laura Westercamp, and Carla Meyer traveled to Salt Lake City over winter break to attend the 2nd Annual University Private Equity Summit.

Sponsored by the University Venture Fund, the three-day, student-focused private equity summit offers seasoned venture capitalists and investment professionals the opportunity to share their knowledge and sentiments about the world of private equity to students interested in the industry.

University of Iowa attendees had the opportunity to hear keynote speakers, including a presentation on how to raise money from angels, presented by Bill Bayne, an angel investor and entrepreneur-in-residence at the Kauffman Foundation. Following the focus on inspiring young entrepreneurs, his presentation focused on raising money from friends, family and angels as a young entrepreneur. Patrick Byrne, founder and CEO of, shared tips on negotiation, outlining the skill set needed for starting and running a successful business today.

The University of Iowa was one of more than twenty participating universities nationwide. "The conference was an amazing opportunity to exchange ideas with students from across the country and to learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist," says Laura Westercamp, president of I-Envision.

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