Dean's Office

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Rick Adrian
Rick W. Adrian
Director of Facilities, Tippie College of Business
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Emily M. Archer
Associate Writer
Wendy Askling
Wendy A. Askling
Assistant Director, Budgetary Operations
Matsalyn Brown
Matsalyn L. Brown
Assistant to Dean Gardial
Carol Buettner
Carol M. Buettner
Assistant to Senior Associate Dean Anstreicher
Craig Crawford
Craig L. Crawford
Departmental Administrator, Dean's Office
Samantha Drella
Samantha M. Drella
Administrative Services Coordinator, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET)
Lydia Fine
Lydia J. Fine
Associate Director, Collegiate Marketing Team
Lesanne Fliehler
Lesanne B. Fliehler
Communications Specialist
Ashley Funkhauser
Ashley M. Funkhauser
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
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Reginald Gibson
Addministrative Services Coordinator, Non-MBA Graduate Programs
Jennifer Greazel
Jennifer Greazel
Clerk IV, Dean's Office
Misti Huedepohl
Misti L. Huedepohl
Coordinator, Communications and Social Media
Tracy Hufford
Tracy Hufford
Special Events Coordinator
Renea Jay
Renea L. Jay
Associate Director, Non-MBA Graduate Programs
Nicole Lichthardt
Nicole L. Lichthardt
Graphic Designer, Collegiate Marketing Team
Sara Maples
Sara E. Maples
Manager, Research Support and College Sustainability
Erica Meyer
Erica A. Meyer
Accountant, Dean's Office
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Stephanie L. Peters
Associate Writer
Carlton Petty
Carlton T. Petty
HR Coordinator
Cynthia Reschly
Cynthia L. Reschly
Secretary, Dean's Office
Lana Tucker
Lana S. Tucker
Associate Marketing Director, Collegiate Marketing Team
Fletcher Williams
Fletcher S. Williams
Coordinator, Tippie College of Business Facilities