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Marketing Department Advisory Committee

Dennis P. Bauer (1996)*
Vice President, Siegfried Actives U.S.
Siegfried, Ltd. (2002)**
Baton Rouge, LA

Thomas J. Berthel (1994)*
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board
Berthel Fisher & Company (1994)**
Marion, IA

Paul M. Black (1997)*
Executive Vice President,
United States Client Organization
Cerner Corporation (1997)**
Kansas City, MO

Melanie L. Boulden (1999)*
Senior Brand Manager
Dial Corporation

Chris DeWolf (2005)*
Chief Executive Officer and President
Lil' Drug Store Products, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA

Dr. Suresh Divakar (2003)*
Senior Vice President, Information Business
New York, NY

Hal D. Gilchrist (1998)*
Vice President and
Group Marketing Officer
Valley View Financial Group
Kansas City, MO

Eric Heneghan
Chief Executive Officer
Elevation, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Karla Jeffries (2004)*
Vice President, Consumer
Marketing and Circulation
Meredith Corporation (2004)**
Des Moines, IA

Kevin Kacere (2005)*
Vice President/GM,
Amana Business Unit
Maytag Corporation
Newton, IA

Thomas L. Miller (1999)*
Former President (Retired)
Muscatine, IA

Curtis Nelson
Entrepreneurial Development Center, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA

Don Schoen (2005)*
President and CEO
MediNotes Corporation (2005)**
Des Moines, IA

Chris Simpson (2001)*
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Pella Corporation (1989)**
Pella, IA

Steve Smits (2001)*
Director, Sales and Retail Customers
Pure Fishing America (2003)**
Spirit Lake, IA

Elisa A. Verhille (1998)*
Senior Marketing Manager
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Company (2000)**
Bensonville, IL

Elizabeth F. Whited (2005)*
Assistant Vice President, Business Planning
Strategic Planning Department
Union Pacific Railroad
Omaha, NE

Dennis B. Woolley (1989)*
CW Research (2002)**
Hugo, MN

* Indicates year individual joined MAC
**Indicates year company joined MAC