Administrative Offices Phone Fax Office
Accounting Department 319-335-0910 319-335-1956 W252 PBB
Behavioral Research Support Office 319-335-3726 C202 PBB
Career Center 319-335-1023 319-335-1029 C310 PC
CIMBA - Italy Programs 319-335-0920 319-384-1937 C300 PBB
College Facilities 319-335-0987   W208 PBB
Computer Lab 319-335-0872   C220 PBB
Dean's Office 319-335-0862 319-335-0860 C120 PBB
Economics Department 319-335-0829 319-335-1956 W210 PBB
Finance Department 319-335-0929 319-335-3690 S252 PBB
Management and Organizations Department 319-335-0927 319-335-1956 W252 PBB
Management Sciences Department 319-335-0858 319-335-0297 S210 PBB
Marketing Department 319-335-1013 319-335-3690 S252 PBB
Pomerantz Business Library 319-335-3077   C320 PBB
MBA Programs—Associate Dean's Office 319-335-1039 319-335-3604 W160 PBB
MBA Programs—Career Services 319-335-1021 319-335-3604 C432 PC
MBA Programs—Executive Program 319-335-1043 319-335-3604 C436 PC
MBA Programs—Full-time Program 319-335-2686 319-335-2792 C432 PC
MBA Programs—International Program 319-335-3789 319-353-2289 C432 PC
MBA Programs—Professional MBA Program (PMBA) 319-335-1039 319-335-3604 W160 PBB
Stead Technology Services Group (STSG)      
- Network/Administrative Support 319-335-0873   C240 PBB
- Technology Help Desk 319-335-0873 319-335-1956 W294A PBB
Undergraduate Program Office 319-335-1037 319-335-3692 C140 PBB

Centers and Institutes Phone Fax Office
Business Communications Center 319-335-3459   S148 PBB
Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance 319-335-0940   S270 PBB
Institute for Electronic Markets (IEM) 319-335-1239   W284 PBB
Institute for International Business 319-335-1379   W308 PBB
Marketing Institute 319-335-3753   S259 PBB
John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC) 319-335-1022 319-353-2445 S160 PBB
RSM Institute of Accounting Education and Research 319-335-0913   W262 PBB
Small Business Development Center 319-335-3742 319-353-2445 267 UCC
Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance 319-335-0896   S230 PBB

Additional Resources Phone Fax Office
Auditorium—Buchanan     W10 PBB
Auditorium—Tippie     W151 PBB
Behavioral Research Lab (enter through Computer Lab, C220)     C220D PBB
Colloquium—MidAmerican     W401 PBB
Colloquium—Tenneco     S401 PBB
College Directories (see Carol Buettner) 319-335-0865   C120E PBB
Document Center 319-335-0861   C102 PBB
Faculty & Staff Lounge W204 PBB
Fundraising (see Gregory Lamb) 319-335-3305   LCUA
Galleria—Andersen     W101 PBB
Galleria—Howe     S101 PBB
Henry Fund 319-363-2210   W219 PBB
Information Systems and Optimization Research (ISOR) Laboratory 319-335-0972   S204 PBB
Lactation Room (contact the Dean's Office) 319-335-0862   S353 PBB
Mailroom (see Craig Crawford) 319-335-2859   C108 PBB
Management Information Systems (MIS) Lab     S320R PBB
Pat's Diner     W105 PBB
PBB Maintenance 319-335-2759   W7 PBB
Publications (see Lesanne Fliehler) 319-335-0859   S206 PBB
Room Reservations (see Cindy Reschly) 319-353-2233   C120 PBB
Telephone—PBB (Campus, near MBA lockers)     S181 PBB
Website (see Jamie Jones) 319-335-0841   S292 PBB