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Ernest H. O'Boyle Management & Organizations

Assistant Professor

Ph: 319-335-0887
W332  John Pappajohn Bus Bldg
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1994

Academic History

  • PhD in Organizational Behavior, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2010
  • BS in Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2004


  • questionable research practices, outcome reporting bias, publication bias
  • Structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, "dark" personality traits, superstar effects

    Selected Publications

    • A meta-analysis of intergroup forgiveness, D Van Tongeren, J Burnette, Ernest H. O'Boyle, E Worthington, D Forsyth, Journal of Positive Psychology, 2014
    • Publication bias in strategic management research, Jeffrey Harrison, George Banks, Jeffrey Pollack, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Jeremy Short, Journal of Management, 2014
    • The Chrysalis Effect: How ugly initial results metamorphosize into beautiful articles, Ernest H. O'Boyle, George C. Banks, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Journal of Management, 2014
    • What does team–member exchange bring to the party? A meta‐analytic review of team and leader social exchange, George Banks, John Batchelor, Anson Seers, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Kim Gower, Jeffrey Pollack, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2014
    • Superstar performers in twenty-first-century organizations, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Herman Aguinis, Personnel Psychology, vol 67, 2014, 313-350
    • Drivers and outcomes of team psychological empowerment: A meta-analytic review and model test, M T. Maynard, Mathieu J. E, Gilson L. L, Ernest H. O'Boyle, K Cigularov, Organizational Psychology Review, vol 3, 2013, 101-137
    • Publication bias in entrepreneurship research: An examination of dominant relations to performance, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Matthew W. Rutherford, George C. Banks, Journal of Business Venturing, 2013
    • The Dark Triad-intelligence connection: No support for the "evil genius" hypothesis., Ernest H. O'Boyle, Donelson Forsyth, Paul Story, George Banks, Journal of Research in Personality, 2013
    • Why we need I-O psychology to fix I-O psychology, George C. Banks, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 2013
    • A meta-analysis of the Dark Triad and work outcomes: A social exchange perspective, Ernest H. O'Boyle, D R. Forsyth, G Banks, M A. McDaniel, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 97, 2012, 557-579
    • Exploring the relation between family involvement and firms' financial performance: A meta-analysis of main and moderator effects, Ernest H. O'Boyle, J M. Pollack, M W. Rutherford, Journal of Business Venturing, vol 27, 2012, 1-18
    • Job burnout and employee engagement: A meta-analytic examination of construct proliferation, M S. Cole, F Walter, A G. Bedeian, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Journal of Management, vol 38, 2012, 1550-1581
    • Mindsets matter: A meta-analytic review of implicit theories and self-regulation, J L. Burnette, Ernest H. O'Boyle, E M. Van Epps, E J. Finkel, J Pollack, Psychological Bulletin, vol in press, 2012
    • The best and the rest: Revisiting the norm of normality of individual performance, Ernest H. O'Boyle, H Aguinis, Personnel Psychology, vol 65, 2012, 79-119
    • Bad apples or bad barrels: An examination of group and organizational level effects in the study of individual counterproductive work behavior, Ernest H. O'Boyle, D R. Forsyth, A S. O'Boyle, Group and Organizational Management, vol 36, 2011, 39-69
    • Decomposing model fit: Measurement versus theory in organizational research using latent variables, Ernest H. O'Boyle, L J. Williams, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 96, 2011, 1-12
    • Emotional intelligence and job performance: A meta-analysis, Ernest H. O'Boyle, R Humphrey, J Pollack, T H. Hawver, P A. Story, Journal of Organizational Behavior, vol 32, 2011, 788-818
    • Rules, standards, and ethics: Relativism predicts cross-national differences in the codification of moral standards, D R. Forsyth, Ernest H. O'Boyle, International Business Review, vol 20, 2011, 355-361
    • The myth of global fit indices and alternatives for assessing latent variable relations, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Organizational Research Methods, vol 14, 2011, 350-369
    • Examining the relation between ethical focus and financial performance in family firms: An exploratory study, Ernest H. O'Boyle, M W. Rutherford, J M. Pollack, Family Business Review, vol 18, 2010, 233-242
    • East meets West: A meta-analytic investigation of cultural variations in idealism and relativism, D R. Forsyth, Ernest H. O'Boyle, M A. McDaniel, vol 83, 2008, 813-833
    • Measurement models for linking latent variables and indicators: A review of human resource management research using parcels, L J. Williams, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Human Resource Management Review, vol 18, 2008, 233-242

      Conference Proceedings

      • General mental ability and entrepreneurial behavior and performance: A meta-analytic review, David DeGeest, Scott E. Seibert, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2014
      • Superstar performers in twenty-first-century organizations., Herman Aguinis, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Best Paper Proceedings-Human Resources Division Academy of Management, Orlando, FL., 2013
      • The benefit of benefits: A dynamic approach to HR practices and entrepreneurial continuance, David DeGeest, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Elizabeth Follmer, Sheryl Walter, Southern Management Association Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, 2013
      • The Chrysalis Effect: How ugly data metamorphosize into beautiful articles., Ernest H. O'Boyle, George Banks, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Best Paper Award for Research Methods Division Academy of Management, Orlando, FL. , 2013
      • Tracking SMA papers to journal publication: An investigation into the phases of dissemination bias., George Banks, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Charles White, John Batchelor, Southern Management Association Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, 2013

        Other Work

        • Timing is everything: Multilevel event history analysis as a tool to model change over time, David DeGeest, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Volume 9, 2014

            Review and Editorial Work

            • Referee, Academy of Management Learning & Education, January 2013 - current
            • Referee, Applied Psychology: An International Review, January 2013 - current
            • Referee, British Journal of Management, January 2013 - current
            • Referee, Journal of Management , 2013 - current
            • Referee, Organizational Research Methods, January 2012 - current
            • Referee, Group and Organization Management, January 2010 - current

                  Committees and Professional Service

                  • Selection Committee, 2013-current
                  • PhD Committee, 2013-current
                  • Journal List Committee, 2013