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Ernest H. O'Boyle

Ernest H. O'Boyle Management & Organizations

Assistant Professor
W332  Pappajohn Business Building
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1994

Academic History

  • PhD in Organizational Behavior, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2010
  • BS in Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2004


  • questionable research practices, outcome reporting bias, publication bias
  • Structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, "dark" personality traits, superstar effects

    Selected Publications

    • An analytic investigation of the CFA marker technique comparing ideal and non-ideal marker variables, Larry Williams, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2015
    • The benefits of benefits: A dynamic approach to motivation-enhancing HR practices and firm survival, David DeGeest, Elizabeth Follmer, Sheryl Walter, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Journal of Management, 2014
    • Cumulative advantage: Conductors and insulators of star performers and heavy-tail performance distributions, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Herman Aguinis, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Personnel Psychology, 2014
    • A meta-analytic test of redundancy and relative importance of the Dark Triad and Five Factor Model of personality., Ernest H. O'Boyle, Don Forsyth, George Banks, Paul Story, Charles White, Journal of Personality, 2014
    • Competitive operations priorities and firm performance in small community banks: A test of trade-offs, Robley Wood, Glenn Glibreath, Matthew Rutherford, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 2014
    • Absence of malice: A meta-analysis of non-response bias in counterproductive work behavior research, Lindsey Greco, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Sheryl Walter, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2014
    • Why does self-reported emotional intelligence predict job performance?, Dana Joseph, J Jin, Dan Newman, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2014
    • Publication bias in strategic management research, Jeffrey Harrison, George Banks, Jeffrey Pollack, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Jeremy Short, Journal of Management, 2014
    • Superstar performers in twenty-first-century organizations, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Herman Aguinis, Personnel Psychology, vol 67, 2014, 313-350
    • What does team–member exchange bring to the party? A meta‐analytic review of team and leader social exchange, George Banks, John Batchelor, Anson Seers, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Kim Gower, Jeffrey Pollack, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2014
    • A meta-analysis of intergroup forgiveness, D Van Tongeren, J Burnette, Ernest H. O'Boyle, E Worthington, D Forsyth, Journal of Positive Psychology, 2014
    • The Chrysalis Effect: How ugly initial results metamorphosize into beautiful articles, Ernest H. O'Boyle, George C. Banks, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Journal of Management, 2014
    • Drivers and outcomes of team psychological empowerment: A meta-analytic review and model test, M T. Maynard, Mathieu J. E, Gilson L. L, Ernest H. O'Boyle, K Cigularov, Organizational Psychology Review, vol 3, 2013, 101-137
    • Publication bias in entrepreneurship research: An examination of dominant relations to performance, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Matthew W. Rutherford, George C. Banks, Journal of Business Venturing, 2013
    • The Dark Triad-intelligence connection: No support for the "evil genius" hypothesis., Ernest H. O'Boyle, Donelson Forsyth, Paul Story, George Banks, Journal of Research in Personality, 2013
    • Why we need I-O psychology to fix I-O psychology, George C. Banks, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 2013
    • A meta-analysis of the Dark Triad and work outcomes: A social exchange perspective, Ernest H. O'Boyle, D R. Forsyth, G Banks, M A. McDaniel, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 97, 2012, 557-579
    • Exploring the relation between family involvement and firms' financial performance: A meta-analysis of main and moderator effects, Ernest H. O'Boyle, J M. Pollack, M W. Rutherford, Journal of Business Venturing, vol 27, 2012, 1-18
    • Job burnout and employee engagement: A meta-analytic examination of construct proliferation, M S. Cole, F Walter, A G. Bedeian, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Journal of Management, vol 38, 2012, 1550-1581
    • Mindsets matter: A meta-analytic review of implicit theories and self-regulation, J L. Burnette, Ernest H. O'Boyle, E M. Van Epps, E J. Finkel, J Pollack, Psychological Bulletin, vol in press, 2012
    • The best and the rest: Revisiting the norm of normality of individual performance, Ernest H. O'Boyle, H Aguinis, Personnel Psychology, vol 65, 2012, 79-119
    • Bad apples or bad barrels: An examination of group and organizational level effects in the study of individual counterproductive work behavior, Ernest H. O'Boyle, D R. Forsyth, A S. O'Boyle, Group and Organizational Management, vol 36, 2011, 39-69
    • Decomposing model fit: Measurement versus theory in organizational research using latent variables, Ernest H. O'Boyle, L J. Williams, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 96, 2011, 1-12
    • Emotional intelligence and job performance: A meta-analysis, Ernest H. O'Boyle, R Humphrey, J Pollack, T H. Hawver, P A. Story, Journal of Organizational Behavior, vol 32, 2011, 788-818
    • Rules, standards, and ethics: Relativism predicts cross-national differences in the codification of moral standards, D R. Forsyth, Ernest H. O'Boyle, International Business Review, vol 20, 2011, 355-361
    • The myth of global fit indices and alternatives for assessing latent variable relations, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Organizational Research Methods, vol 14, 2011, 350-369
    • Examining the relation between ethical focus and financial performance in family firms: An exploratory study, Ernest H. O'Boyle, M W. Rutherford, J M. Pollack, Family Business Review, vol 18, 2010, 233-242
    • East meets West: A meta-analytic investigation of cultural variations in idealism and relativism, D R. Forsyth, Ernest H. O'Boyle, M A. McDaniel, vol 83, 2008, 813-833
    • Measurement models for linking latent variables and indicators: A review of human resource management research using parcels, L J. Williams, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Human Resource Management Review, vol 18, 2008, 233-242

      Conference Proceedings

      • General mental ability and entrepreneurial behavior and performance: A meta-analytic review, David DeGeest, Scott E. Seibert, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2014
      • Superstar performers in twenty-first-century organizations., Herman Aguinis, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Best Paper Proceedings-Human Resources Division Academy of Management, Orlando, FL., 2013
      • The benefit of benefits: A dynamic approach to HR practices and entrepreneurial continuance, David DeGeest, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Elizabeth Follmer, Sheryl Walter, Southern Management Association Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, 2013
      • The Chrysalis Effect: How ugly data metamorphosize into beautiful articles., Ernest H. O'Boyle, George Banks, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Best Paper Award for Research Methods Division Academy of Management, Orlando, FL. , 2013
      • Tracking SMA papers to journal publication: An investigation into the phases of dissemination bias., George Banks, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Charles White, John Batchelor, Southern Management Association Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, 2013

        Other Work

        • Timing is everything: Multilevel event history analysis as a tool to model change over time, David DeGeest, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Volume 9, 2014

            Review and Editorial Work

            • Referee, Academy of Management Review, December 2014 - current
            • Referee, Psychological Methods, October 2014 - current
            • Referee, Human Resource Management, January 2014 - current
            • Referee, Academy of Managment Journal, January 2013 - current
            • Referee, Journal of Management , January 2013 - current
            • Referee, Organizational Research Methods, January 2012 - current

            Professional Affiliations

            • Editorial Board Member, Personnel Psychology, January 2015 - January 2018
            • Editorial Board Member, Academy of Management Learning & Education, June 2014 - June 2017
            • Editorial Board Member, Group and Organization Management, June 2014 - June 2017

              Committees and Professional Service

              • Selection Committee, 2013-current
              • PhD Committee, 2013-current
              • Journal List Committee, 2013