Rabah  Amir

Rabah Amir


Professor and Director, PhD Program in Economics
J. Edward Lundy Professor of Economics

  W282  Pappajohn Business Building (PBB)
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1994

Academic History

  • PhD in Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1985


  • Economic dynamics
  • Game Theory
  • Industrial Economics
  • Microeconomic Theory


  • Council member, Game Theory Society, November 2015
  • SAET Fellow, 2011

Selected Publications

  • Does the cost paradox preclude technological progress under imperfect competition?, Rabah Amir, C Halmenschlager, M Knauff, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2016 - Publication Details Forthcoming
  • Endogenous information acquisition in Bayesian games with strategic complementarities, N Lazzati, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 163, 2016, 684-698
  • Corruption and socially optimal entry, Rabah Amir, C Burr, Journal of Public Economics, vol 123, 2015, 30-41
  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Dynamic Games in Industrial Organization, Rabah Amir, H Benchekroun, L Lambertini, Dynamic Games and Applications, 2015
  • Prices, deadweight loss and subsidies in multi-product monopoly , Rabah Amir, J Jin, M Troege, G Pech, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2015 - Publication Details Forthcoming
  • Endogenous timing in mixed duopoly, Rabah Amir, G De Feo, International Journal of Game Theory, vol 43, 2014, 629-658
  • Free entry versus socially optimal entry, Rabah Amir, L De Castro , L Koutsougeras, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 154, 2014, 121-135
  • Optimal Licensing of Uncertain Patents in the Shadow of Litigation, Rabah Amir, D Encaoua, Y Lefouili, Games and Economic Behavior, vol 88, 2014, 320-338
  • Thematic clubs and the supremacy of network externalities , Rabah Amir, J Gabszewics, J Resende, Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol 16, 2014, 706–729
  • Asset market games of survival: A synthesis of evolutionary and dynamic games, Rabah Amir, I Evstigneev, K Schenk-Hoppe, Annals of Finance, 2013, 121-144
  • Binary Markov games, Rabah Amir, M Walker, J Wooders, Games and Economic Behavior, 2011, 487-502
  • Cost disclosure incentives and market performance in supply chains , Rabah Amir, I Maret, T Leiber, International Journal of Economic Theory, vol 7, 2011, 157-178
  • Evolutionary Finance and Dynamic Games, Rabah Amir, I. Evstigneev, T. Hens, L. Xu, , Mathematics and Financial Economics, 2011, 161-184
  • Network Effects, Market Structure and Industry Performance, Rabah Amir, N. Lazzati, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 146, 2011, 2389-2419
  • On the Effects of Banks' Equity Ownership on Credit Markets, Rabah Amir, M Troege, Annals of Finance, vol 7, 2011, 31-52
  • R&D as a prisoner’s dilemma and R&D-avoiding cartels, Rabah Amir, F Garcia, C Halmenschlager , J. Pais, The Manchester School, 2011, 81-99
  • R&D-induced industry polarization and shakeouts, Rabah Amir, C Halmenschlager, J Jin, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2011, 386-398
  • Robust results on sharing firm-specific information: Incentives and welfare effects , Rabah Amir, J. Jin, Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol 46, 2010, 855-866
  • Symmetry-Breaking in Two-Player Games via Strategic Substitutes and Diagonal Nonconcavity: A Synthesis, Rabah Amir, F Garcia, M Knauff, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 145, 2010, 1968-1986
  • Comparative Statics in a Simple Class of Strategic Market Games, Rabah Amir, F Bloch, Games and Economic Behavior, vol 65, 2009, 7-24
  • Merger Performance Under Uncertain Efficiency Gains, Rabah Amir, E Diamantoudi, L Xue, International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol 27, 2009, 264-273
  • Ranking Economics Departments Worldwide on the Basis of PhD Placement, Rabah Amir, M Knauff, The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 90, 2008, 185-190
  • Second-mover advantage and price leadership in Bertrand duopoly , Rabah Amir, A Stepanova, Games and Economic Behavior, 2006, 1-20
  • Ordinal versus cardinal complementarity: The case of Cournot oligopoly, Rabah Amir, Games and Economic Behavior, 2005, 1-14
  • Entry, exit, and imperfect competition in the long run, Rabah Amir, Val Lambson, Journal of Economic Theory, 2003, 191-203
  • Noncooperative R&D versus cooperative R&D with endogenous spillover rates, Rabah Amir, I Evstigneev, J Wooders, Games and Economic Behavior, 2003, 183-207
  • On the effects of entry in Cournot markets, Rabah Amir, V Lambson, Review of Economic Studies, 2000, 235-254
  • One-way spillovers, endogenous innovator/imitator roles and research joint ventures, Rabah Amir, J. Wooders, Games and Economic Behavior, 2000, 1-25
  • Stackelberg versus Cournot equilibrium , Rabah Amir, I Grilo, Games and Economic Behavior, 1999, 1-21
  • Continuous Stochastic Games of Capital Accumulation with Convex Transitions, Rabah Amir, Games and Economic Behavior, 1996, 111-131
  • Cournot Oligopoly and the Theory of Supermodular Games, Rabah Amir, Games and Economic Behavior, 1996, 132-148
  • Sensitivity Analysis in Multisector Optimal Economic Dynamics , Rabah Amir, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1996, 123-141
  • Endogenous timing in two-player games: a counterexample , Rabah Amir, Games and Economic Behavior, 1995, 234-237
  • A strategic market game with complete markets , Rabah Amir, S Sahi, M Shubik, S Yao, Journal of Economic Theory, 1990, 126-143

Other Work

  • Introduction to Special Issue on product/process innovation and market structure, Rabah Amir, The Manchester School, 2011, 1-5
  • Introduction to the Special Issue of Games and Economic Behavior in Honor of Martin Shubik, Rabah Amir, Games and Economic Behavior, vol 65, 2009, 1-6

Current & Prior Positions

  • Professor, Department of Economics, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, The University of Iowa, January 2013 - Present
  • Professor of Economics, Eller School of Management, University of Arizona, 2004 - 2012
  • Visiting Professor, Caltech, January 2011 - June 2011
  • Professor, CORE, UCL, Belgium, 2001 - 2004

Professional Affiliations

  • Associate Editor, Dynamic Games and Applications
  • Associate Editor, Economic Theory
  • Associate Editor, Games and Economic Behavior
  • Associate Editor, Int’l Game Theory Review
  • Associate Editor, Int’l Journal of Industrial Organization
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Dynamics and Games
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Public Economic Theory
  • Associate Editor, Mathematical Social Sciences
  • Co-editor, The Manchester School
  • Associate Editor, Economic Theory Bulletin, January 2013 - current


  • Liability Rules and Efficiency , SAET Conference on Current Trends in Economics, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory , Paris, France, July 2013

Committees and Professional Service

  • Graduate committee, Department of Economics, 2012-current

Additional Training

  • SAET conference, Conference Program, 2013
  • Stochastic Dynamics in Economics and Finance, Other, Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, Univ. of Bonn, Germany, 2013
  • Comparative statics of equilibrium points, Seminar, University of Zurich, 2013
  • Dscounted supermodular games, Attended Conference, Univ Paris I, 2013
  • UECE conference, Conference Program, 2012
  • PET conference, Conference Program, PET, 2012
  • SAET conference, Conference Program, 2012
  • EARIE conference, Conference Program, 2011
  • SAET conference, Conference Program, 2011
  • Comparative statics of equilibrium points, Seminar, Caltech, 2011
  • UECE conference, Conference Program, ISEG, Lisbon, 2010
  • PET conference, Conference Program, 2010
  • Oligopoly with network effects, Seminar, University of Paris II, 2010