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School of Management - Administration

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David Frasier
David W. Frasier
Associate Dean, School of Management
David Deyak
David J. Deyak
Assistant Dean, MBA Full-time Program
Colleen Downie
Colleen M. Downie
Assistant Dean, MBA-PM Program
Dawn Kluber
Dawn T. Kluber
Assistant Dean, MBA Executive Program and Adjunct Lecturer
Anna Elder
Anna L. Elder
Clerk IV, MBA Human Resources, Accounting Operations
Kelsey Huddleston
Kelsey P. Huddleston
Accountant, Accounting Operations
Susan Licher
Susan L. Licher
Assistant to Associate Dean Frasier
Patricia (Katie) Millard
Patricia (Katie) K. Millard
Manager, Accounting Operations
Linda Muller
Linda M. Muller
Coordinatork, Student Organizations/Travel, MBA Full-time Program
Dixie Pelzer
Dixie M. Pelzer
Account Specialist, Accounting Operations
Amy Wilson
Amy E. Wilson
Accountant, Accounting Operations