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Stead Technology Services Group

Phone: 319-335-0873    Fax: 319-335-1956    Office: W294A PBB     Web:

James Chaffee
James W. Chaffee
Assistant Dean, Information Technology and Facilities, and Adjunct Lecturer, Management Sciences
Alexei Bezpaltchikov
Alexei Bezpaltchikov
Senior Application Developer
Michael Carter
Michael L. Carter
D. Scott Fuller
D. Scott Fuller
Director, Technical Operations, and Assistant Director
Brian Heil
Brian W. Heil
Director, IT Security, and Assistant Director
Nguyen Huynh
Nguyen M. Huynh
Lead Technician
Sherri Krob
Sherri L. Krob
Digital Media Technician
Sara Novotny
Sara A. Novotny
Data Analyst
Jeffrey Reuter
Jeffrey J. Reuter
Director, Instructional Technology, and ITC Coordinator
Rachel Stewart
Rachel A. Stewart
Director of E-Communications and Web Developer
Alina Shybayeva
Alina Shybayeva
Web Developer
Darrin Thompson
Darrin S. Thompson
Help Desk Specialist