Ph.D. Program

Current Students

The Tippie Ph.D. program prepares students for positions in government, business, and academia. The program is flexible, permitting students to choose an area of specialization according to their interests. Through course work and related experience, students achieve competence in economic theory, statistical methods, and behavioral science as well as expertise in a major and minor area of study. Students also have opportunities to develop research and teaching skills.

The degree requires a minimum of 72 s.h., including accepted transfer credit. Ph.D. course work consists of prerequisites (as necessary), the Ph.D. core, major and minor areas of study, and dissertation research. Program information is available from the individual departments.

Doctoral candidates consult with their advisers to develop a plan of study that reflects the background and interests of individual students and satisfies core requirements.

Students must satisfactorily complete a comprehensive examination, consisting of written or oral parts or both, at the discretion of the major department. A dissertation proposal must be presented at a forum attended by dissertation committee members and open to interested faculty and graduate students, as established by the major department. Researching and writing the dissertation typically requires two years of full-time effort. The dissertation must be defended in an oral examination attended by the dissertation committee members. The examination also is open to other interested faculty members and graduate students.


Honor Code card

The Tippie College Honor Code promotes academic integrity among undergraduate, MBA, M.Ac., and Ph.D. students. As a Tippie student, you are encouraged to "live" the code: agree to scholastic honesty and a standard of honest and ethical behavior that reflects well on the college. We encourage students to take an online tutorial, which includes tips for avoiding plagiarism.