Ph.D. Program

Fields of Study

The Ph.D. program in business administration is designed for students preparing for research positions in business and government or for research and teaching positions at academic institutions. The Henry B. Tippie College of Business offers nationally and internationally recognized Ph.D. programs in six areas: accounting, economics, finance, management and organizations, management sciences, and marketing.

The University of Iowa requires 72 semester hours of graduate credit for the Ph.D. degree. Assuming a normal academic load of nine hours per semester and no credit for previous graduate work, the usual time required to complete the degree is five years.

Because our doctoral programs are comparatively small, students benefit from close interactions with a research- and teaching-oriented faculty. The college's faculty members have a strong commitment to graduate student training and placement. Nearly all of our Ph.D. students are supported through competitive fellowships or assistantships for up to five years.