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Todd Nelson

Todd Nelson


MBA 2007


Associate, Debt Capital Markets
Goldman Sachs

Todd Nelson left the Tippie Full-time MBA program with a degree in hand, and headed to New York to build a vibrant career on Wall Street.

Todd worked as an associate at Goldman Sachs’ Financial Institutions Group where he assisted Fortune 500 companies in evaluating strategic and capital alternatives. Some of his responsibilities were managing buyer and seller processes, optimizing their capital structure, raising capital in the public and private markets via equity and debt offerings, and benchmarking clients using financial metrics and operating performance.

He has quickly advanced to the position of Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations at Horace Mann Educators Corp., where he is putting his education and Wall Street experience to good use.

He says the Tippie Full-time MBA Program prepared him for the rigorous work he faces on the job.

“Wall Street is a very competitive environment. Thriving here is even harder than getting here, and to do it, you have to be able to adapt quickly to new markets, new situations, new people, and new paradigms.  My experiences at Tippie played a paramount role in preparing me for what I face on the job.”

Today Todd says, “There is no limit to what you can learn in two short years at Tippie.”

During his time at Tippie, Todd capitalized on the multitude of experiential learning opportunities the Full-time MBA program offered, adding depth to his degree. He served as the MBA Association president, was a student analyst of the Henry Fund, delivered investment presentations to panel experts at the RISE competition, and gained global exposure by taking advantage of the International Immersion Program where he studied and visited companies in China and Hong Kong. Outside of the Tippie MBA program, he also served as a teaching assistant for undergraduate finance classes and was a graduate assistant for the Hawkinson Institute.

“I’m a firm believer I would not be in the position I am today if not for the academic and experiential learning experiences I took from Tippie. I’m fond of saying if you can excel at Tippie, you can excel anywhere.”