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Jenna Westerlund

Jenna Westerlund


BBA 2003 (Marketing)


Brand Manager, Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc., Bolingbrook, Illinois

Jenna Westerlund clearly recalls the moment she decided to follow a high school teacher's advice and study marketing. It happened while she was completing a class project in physics course.

The assignment was to create a fictitious business, build a miniature building from Legos to house the business, and devise a marketing plan to support it. Jenna's physics teacher recognized her knack for marketing and encouraged her to look into it as a career. She did--at the Tippie College of Business.

Jenna majored in marketing and graduated from The University of Iowa in 2003. With her sights set on a position in brand management, Jenna took a job at Ulta Inc., a company headquarters near Chicago. Today she is responsible for managing and developing several brands and product lines of cosmetic products.

"I really felt prepared for my position as brand manager. I recall times when you're in class and you wonder, 'Will I really need to know this for my career some day?' The answer is yes."

"Tippie really does a good job of preparing people for team work. The class projects are a great example of what it's like to work in groups on the job. Sometimes you work with people who really contribute to a project, and there are times when they don't. That happens in work relations, too."

As a marketing student, Jenna was active in the American Marketing Association where she served as executive vice president for two terms.

"This leadership role gave me great experience at delegating and managing others. Today I use the same skills in project management that I learned on campus."