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Kaitlin Thompson

Kaitlin Thompson


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Women in Business
Students to Assist Recruiting
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Marketing and Management (majors)

Students who enroll in through the Tippie College's Direct Admission Program are able to take sophomore-level courses in their first year, and they attend the Direct Admit Seminar, which quickly helps orient them to the college's resources.

To help them successfully transition from high school to college, they study topics such as Tippie College traditions and expectations, skills for academic and personal success, majors and academic opportunities, campus resources, career exploration skills, and living and working in a multicultural society.

For Kaitlin Thompson, who plans to major in marketing and management, the Direct Admission Program has been a "huge bonus."

"Some of my friends are prebusiness, and they are stressing out so much because their grades affect them getting into the business school."

Kaitlin says her leap from a small high school to the Tippie College happened with relative ease.

"One of the main things to adjust to in college is learning how to plan ahead because you might not have something due every day," notes Kaitlin. "I transitioned really well because of the support I have received."

She jumped in to her first year by packing her academic and social calendar, which she says is great practice for her dream career as a wedding planner.

She joined Dance Marathon right away. The popular fund-raising organization supports pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant patients at the UIHC Children's Hospital. She also is involved in the Volleyball Club and joined Women in Business, the Class of 2013 Photo Project, Students to Assist Recruiting (STAR), and Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT).

"It's true what they say—the best way to make friends is to get involved," says Kaitlin, of Woodstock, Ill. "I've met a lot of people from different student organizations as well as in Mayflower Residence Hall and classes."