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Olivia Beatty

Olivia Beatty


Women in Business
Women's Gymnastics Team


Marketing (major), Certificate in International Business

For Olivia Beatty, a marketing major who also is studying for a Certificate in International Business, meeting with a Tippie advisor during a campus tour sealed her choice to enroll at Tippie.

"I met with an advisor, and I felt the college cared about me and my future," says Olivia, of Naperville, Ill.

The Direct Admit Seminar eased the transition, she says, in part because she was introduced to other first-year students, and because of her advisor's support.

Advisors are a key component of the Direct Admission Program at Tippie. Each direct admit student is advised by a Tippie advisor. Prebusiness students, on the other hand, work with an advisor in the university's central Undergraduate Academic Advising office before being accepted into the Tippie College. After acceptance into the college, they work with Tippie advisors.

"I like that there are a lot of people you can go to for help," she says. "College is a lot more competitive than high school."

Olivia was able to walk on to the gymnastics team, and with gymnastics practice, workouts, activities, and classes, her days are full. She also joined Tippie's Women in Business student organization, which offers flexible opportunities to get involved.

"It's awesome, because they bring in speakers to talk about different topics. You can get help with your resume, find out about internships, and go on trips to network and learn about businesses. We help out in the community, too.

"There are so many things you can do within the college. The college is always improving, and advisors keep you updated about new activities."