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Parker Valdez

Parker Valdez


International Perspectives Program
Direct Admission Program


Business and Spanish (majors)

Parker Valdez, a business and Spanish double major from Cedar Rapids, says getting a four-year double major is like running his summer lawn care business. He sets a schedule, works hard, and manages relationships.

Parker participated in the seminar for the International Perspectives Program (IPP), which helps students majoring in both business and a foreign language plan their schedules and explore opportunities presented by a double major.

"The schedule planning was key," he says. "It helped me get a vision of my four years and what it takes to pull it all together. Other students don't get that."

In order to get two degrees, Parker has taken 18 hours each semester. He developed a strong daily study habit in the Quadrangle study area and his room, but he also made time to work out in the Field House, meet people in the dorm, and hang out with friends.

After taking a chance on applying for direct admission, Parker now credits the program and the IPP for setting him up for success.

"The Direct Admit Seminar was important, and taught me about the resources available. It put me in contact with the people I need to know," he says.

Looking back on his first year, Parker observes that the Tippie staff members have invested in his education as much as he has.

"The one-on-ones with advisors have been vital, because how am I going to know what requirements I need for a business and Spanish degree? That has been huge."

This summer may be the last for Parker's lawn-care business; however, his future looks bright.

"I wonder how many more opportunities I'll have because I'm in the Tippie College and took a chance at direct admission?"