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Jeremy Wunsch

Jeremy Wunsch

Director of Data Forensics


BBA 1996 (Marketing and Computer Science)


LuciData Inc.

One of the lessons Jeremy Wunsch learned as an Iowa cheerleader has stayed with him in business.

"You have to lose self-centeredness and ego," Wunsch says. "Building a pyramid as a cheerleader, I'd have people on both of my shoulders, and they relied on me to hold them up. Everyone needed to work together or we'd fail. There's a layer of respect, trust, and companionship that we needed to have to do the stunts. I couldn't do it myself," he says. "I needed others."

Today, as the CEO and director of Data Forensics at LuciData Inc., a Minneapolis-based computer forensics, eDiscovery, and data security company he founded in 2002, Wunsch knows he can't do it all himself.

"There's not one person I've met who knows everything about running a company," he says. "It was a challenge, but when I identified my weaknesses, I hired others to lead in those areas."

As a result, he is one of the leading authorities in the development of internal threat management and data forensic solutions for companies and their legal counsel. Wunsch's company has helped protect the electronic data for small companies, for Fortune 10 companies, as well as everything in between. One of the things that  differentiates LuciData from the rest is that the company offers an educational seminar on proactive forensics.

"A lot of computer forensic individuals are former members of law enforcement or the Secret Service, and they don't always have the computer security background that my team has," he says. "They can handle the investigation, but they can't take that information and help the organization learn from it because they don't know the IT infrastructure of a company. We do."

As a result, companies learn how to recognize the problem earlier and hopefully prevent the problem from happening again.

Wunsch has also started a new division called internal threat management, a spin-off of forensics, he says.

"It's proactive forensics, because forensics is actually reactive," he says. "We help companies determine where their potential risk lies from a technology standpoint and help them find the early warning signs and then help them reduce or eliminate that risk."

"Ultimately," he says, "it's more cost-effective for a company to be proactive than it is to be reactive."