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Kevin Holt

Kevin Holt


BBA 1989 (Finance)


Senior Portfolio Manager

Kevin Holt had an interest in the stock market since he was five years old.

He explains, “I always used to look into a stock that was $400 to $500 per share, or something ridiculous. At that young age, it caught my interest and even as I got older and went off to college, I wanted to be in the stock market.”

Getting into the business is not easy, particularly 25 years ago in the Midwest.

“Wall Street was a foreign concept to most people. Unless you went to an Ivy League School, the opportunities were not there. You had to be creative in terms of trying to find a job and getting into the industry.”

Kevin chose to be creative by searching the many opportunities Tippie had to offer. The University had a listing for an internship of mirroring a stockbroker in Austin, Texas, for a few weeks. He applied and was accepted.

“When interviewing after graduation, my internship caught people’s attention. It was very important and helpful in terms of me getting my first job. It made my resume stand out.”

He has never forgotten the path that lead himto his longstanding financial career, nor the lessons he learned at the business school.

“Your undergrad experience shapes you as an individual – in terms of your values and your appreciation. My ethical standards were enhanced here. From an academic level it gives you a certain skill set to be able to perform in the business environment. It also built critical relationships, which I continue to maintain.”