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Kristin Franklin

Kristin Franklin


BBA 2009 (Marketing)


Small Business Advisor, Peace Corps

Kristin Franklin has had her eye on international non-profit work since attending high school in Ames, Iowa. But her realization of that dream began when she received her invitation to join the Peace Corps, a program known for its competitive selection process, selecting just 10 to 15 percent of applicants.

She departs for an entirely new life style, half a world away, submerged in the culture of Madagascar. Her assignment will entail a two-year commitment.

"I will work with entrepreneurs and help small businesses increase efficiency and profitability. This is an exciting opportunity to use my skills to help others."

She will attend an intensive nine-week training course in Madagascar prior to being placed in a community. The host family she will live with during the training will also assist Kristin in her acclimatization to the new culture and her new responsibilities as a small business advisor.

Kristin looks forward to this global opportunity to put her degrees in marketing and international studies to work.

"It’s possible that I could be working with a tourism group in the rainforest or an official in one of Madagascar's major cities. Right now there are many unknowns," said Frankin. 

Check back for an update from Kristin as she settles into her Peace Corps role.