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Mike Carberry

Mike Carberry



BBA 1983



After more than 20 years in various businesses in California and Iowa, Mike Carberry, BBA83, turned the buzz about global climate change into a career change.

“Global climate change could be the defining moment and challenge of our generation,” Mike says. “I felt destined to use my education and natural talents to do something about it.”

About 10 years ago, Mike began reading about global climate change and volunteering with organizations like Sierra Club. In 2005, he took the leap into consulting and began Green State Solutions in Iowa City, his hometown.

“I learned a lot about salesmanship in the business school,” he says. “Everything I’ve done has been related to sales—selling coins, antiques, radio, telecommunications—and now, ideas.”

Mike organizes outreach for renewable energy policy, climate change, and sustainable food and agriculture. Every week, Mike heads to Des Moines for meetings and to lobby for these issues, and once a year, he visits Washington, D.C.

For 18 months, Mike also served as executive director of Iowa Renewable Energy Association, or I-Renew for short.

This educational nonprofit promotes sustainable energy production and use. Through a training facility located in Hiawatha, I-Renew teaches solar and wind energy site assessment and installation for residential, small business, and agricultural applications.

“I-Renew offers a training program for small wind turbines, photovoltaic solar, and solar thermal energy solutions. The solar training facility was added in 2010,” Mike states.

“There has to be a market for green jobs, so I will continue my efforts to shape policy to improve the market for renewable energy.”

Mike is proud to note that the UI contributes to the green-collar economy.

“The UI has been integral in the green jobs equation by offering business degrees, engineering degrees, and now a sustainability certificate.”