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Azeem Ahmed

Azeem Ahmed


EMBA 2010


Medical Director, AirCare at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

What drew you to Iowa’s Executive MBA Program?

I had explored several different types of MBA programs, including one designed especially for physicians. What brought me to Tippie was the fact that I received my M.D. here so I know firsthand about the quality of a University of Iowa education. Second, I really like the fact that the Executive MBA Program has interaction with all different people in many different industries. I found it important to learn from professors and other students with different backgrounds from me. I had also talked with other physicians who graduated from the program who expressed their great satisfaction and how much they gained from the program.

What skills did you gain that you might not have if you’d chosen an MBA specifically for physicians?

Operations, marketing, and accounting would have been touched on in other programs, but I don’t feel they would have been covered as in-depth as they were in Tippie’s program. Medicine is adopting a lot of industry’s techniques and focus on quality into the administration management in medicine.

How have you put into practice what you’ve learned?

As an emergency physician, a lot of our practice, aside from clinical practice, is the movement of patients throughout the emergency department. We have to do that efficiently because we are open 24/7. If we don’t move patients through safely, then we aren’t able to see new patients that need our services. I’ve been able to take what I learned in my Executive MBA classes, especially operations, and apply them to the processes that we have in our emergency department. It starts with the patient checking in, to being triaged, to being moved to a bed, to seeing a physician—all of that, including through their discharge. In order to have that process and optimize it for the patient, we can learn a lot from industry in business.

Do you keep in contact with your former classmates?

Absolutely. There were 30-35 of us and we spend just as much time with each other as we do with our families during the program. I would say that I have made lifelong friends with the vast majority of my class.