Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

Tanvi Inani

Tanvi Inani


BBA 2011


Tippie Judicial Board
Chief Justice, Student Judicial Court
President & Co-Captain, Iowa Andhi
Delta Sigma Pi


Economics, International Studies, and Spanish minor

Why did you go to India your second year of college?

As part of my Winterim course, I traveled to Tamil Nadu, India, to learn more about social entrepreneurship. I was part of a group who worked in an actual Indian nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Hand in Hand. We focused on the health sector and we were challenged by developing a sustainable low-cost clinic business model. As part of the process, we surveyed villagers and rural doctors and visited multiple low-cost health clinics. It was a great learning experience to solve a very complex real-world problem. And what I value most from the experience is the reality of witnessing the poverty and hardships so many people in the world face every day.

Why did you serve on the Tippie Judicial Board?

Investigating and hearing cases and appeals regarding violations of the college’s Honor Code was a great way for me to give back to the College of Business as well as an opportunity to make my voice heard. It helped me to be more aware of challenges the college faces and it allowed me to be part of the solution.

You were the president and cocaptain of Iowa Andhi. What is it?

The University of Iowa is a perfect environment where you can both learn and lead. During my junior year, I founded Iowa Andhi, the University of Iowa’s first competitive Bollywood fusion dance team. I started this group because I have always loved to dance since I was a little girl, and creating this group allowed me to share my passion for Bollywood dance with other in the community.