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Melissa Koeppel

Melissa Koeppel

Partner, National Office


M.Ac. 1985


Grant Thornton

Q: Why did you become a PAC member?

A: I joined for several reasons. I wanted to stay in touch with the University of Iowa accounting program and what the students are doing. We hire the majority of UI graduates through on-campus job fairs and it is important that we stay in touch with what the program is highlighting as well as provide perspective to the University on the needs of our profession, such as skills we are looking for in addition to technical skills. I was also very interested in re-connecting with the University of Iowa. As an alumnus, it is very exciting to see up close, what the university is doing.

Q: How long have you been a member?

A: Three years.

Q: What are the challenges the PAC faces today?

A: We are asked to look into the future and try to provide insight to the University regarding expected changes in accounting and related regulatory requirements and how those changes might impact the profession and business as a whole. Over the next few years, we expect to see major changes related to accounting principles. IFRS is a good example. When and how will this be adopted by the SEC? Will we move to separate GAAP for private companies? We are now truly a global economy, which will necessitate working seamlessly across borders and working with people you potentially will never meet in person. How should the University be preparing the students to be ready to address these changes? We are challenged by attempting to answer these important questions.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most from your PAC member experience?

A: It's been a pleasure to meet students and hear about their career focus. Ive also enjoyed learning about what other professionals are doing. We have a diverse group representing public accounting, industry, academia, and consulting from a variety of industries and it is always interesting to talk with them about their views and their business challenges.