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Dan Bontrager

Dan Bontrager

Owner, Bontrager Tax Accounting and Consulting


M.Ac. 1993

Of course integrity matters on the job for anyone practicing accounting. For Dan Bontrager, M.Ac. 1993, owner of Bontrager Tax Accounting and Consulting in Kalona, Iowa, integrity is equally important in his "other" job.

When he's not a CPA, he’s a sports official for the Big Ten Conference as well as the Iowa High School Athletic Association.

For over 20 years Bontrager has spent most every Friday night during football season under the lights of a high school game somewhere in Eastern Iowa.

"I'm fortunate to be on a great high school officiating crew. We’ve seen some really good football over the years and I've thoroughly enjoyed the games and the guys I've worked with."

Bontrager has equally enjoyed his work as a Big Ten official. He started on the sidelines during Hawkeye football games taking care of game balls and working with the chains.  Eventually he moved to the press box where he worked in the timing booth and more recently in the replay booth.

He says acting with integrity is as critical for an accountant as it is for an official on a high school field or in a college stadium.

"I get to watch the game, but I don't get to be a fan. I'm working when I'm officiating, and it's not my job to be a fan. No matter what, an official is there to make the game as fair, true and accurate as possible. My job is to be fair."

He admits officiating can be a high-pressure situation, but says, "If you leave the field, and no one's talking about you, then you probably did your job."

Bontrager has owned his accounting practice since 2006 and began his officiating career in 1991.