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Justin Bedi

Justin Bedi

Senior Interal Auditor, RR Donnelley


BBA 2008 (Accounting and Finance)

I graduated from The University of Iowa in May, 2008. Near the time of my graduation I applied for and secured a position as auditor at McGladrey and Pullen in downtown Chicago in the manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution department. Last summer I accepted a position as senior internal auditor at RR Donnelley, an integrated communications company. In this position, I travel often to locations like Paris, Indian, France, Brazil, Poland and Canada. I made this career change because I wanted to experience a different type of auditing; specifically internal auditing so I could see the audit process start to finish and gain a stronger understanding of an audit in a large company. I also wanted to gain international experience at a younger age to build my skills and experience.

Since entering the working world, I've learned to take advantage of the free time I have. In the past two years, I've made trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, Florida, Boston, and Washington DC to visit friends and family. I think this is one of the positive attributes of working in the accounting profession and I am very fortunate that I can travel because many of my friends and family have scattered across the United States.