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Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter


BBA 2012 (Accounting)



Ten years after graduating high school, Jennifer Hunter was thrilled to finish her undergraduate degree in accounting.

The path she traveled to accomplishing her academic goals could be considered the “scenic route” compared to the traditional high school-college-career plan the majority of her fellow undergraduate students follow.

Her goals didn’t always include accounting. There were times in her education when she strongly considered pharmacy at the University of Iowa and massage therapy at a local cosmetology college. But after taking a few classes in managerial accounting and finance at a community college, Jennifer easily related to the numbers and structure of accounting. She considered herself hooked.

“After finding several things I knew I didn’t want to do as a career, I discovered accounting and I knew this is something I can do!” She enrolled at the Tippie College of Business and scheduled her course load so all accounting classes were compacted into three semesters.

There were some unexpected challenges for Jennifer at the Tippie College, but she feels she’s better prepared for a career because of it.

She’s referring to the Accounting Writing Program, a nationally recognized and important element in Professional Accounting Program sponsored by John Deere. The Writing Program assists accounting students in improving their writing and presentation skills so they are prepared to implement best practices in a professional environment.

“I don’t really care to write, but I discovered I will be writing a lot in my profession,” explains Jennifer.

“I’ve really improved since I came to the Tippie College of Business. Business Communications Protocol is a class that’s easy to hate too, but it is truly worth it. I learned a great deal there too.”

She envisioned herself owning her own tax business someday and felt a certificate in entrepreneurial management would enhance her plan so she completed the certificate along with her undergraduate degree in accounting in May 2012.

After participating in Deloitte’s Premier Student Program, she was offered a full-time position in their Davenport, Iowa office in audit services during the fall semester. The comfort of having a job in place enabled her to focus on her studies as she began to close in on her final semester of accounting classes.

“Over the years I worked 40-hours per week in retail and in offices, but I slowly continued my education because it was important to me and my family. I am unconventional, but I’ve learned so much along the way, and I don’t regret the choices I’ve made.”

Jennifer is married and lives with her husband in the Quad Cities.