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Jim Chaffee

Jim Chaffee

Assistant Dean, Information Technology and Facilities

What is your role as assistant dean, information technology and facilities and lecturer?

My job as assistant dean is to oversee innovative and effective technology integration, applications, and support for both academic and administrative functions for the Tippie College of Business as well as all aspects of facilities management for the college. I also provide leadership and strategic planning in the area of new system development and improvements to existing technology systems and facilities management. I supervise financial budgeting, project management, training, and equipment and software acquisition for the college (both from a technology and a facilities perspective). I also teach for our Department of Management Sciences. I have been a part-time assistant professor in education and computer science at other institutions as well. I really enjoy teaching, and I believe it is imperative that I keep doing it to try to understand what is going on in the classroom so we can help our faculty and students as much as possible.

From a technology perspective, what do you, and your team, hope Tippie students will experience while in PBB, and how do you make sure that happens?

Whether it is in a class, in the lab, in a research setting, or with their own equipment, we hope that a student’s experience in TCOB is enhanced through technology. Our goal is to use technology to enrich the student’s overall time here at TCOB without making it difficult or frustrating. To make this happen, we work hand-in-hand with the university's central IT to offer the best services for infrastructure, classroom, office, and personal use.

You’re a poet. How does it fit in your busy life?

My undergraduate degree is in English education and I have some graduate work in English literature as well. During my studies, I was drawn to creative writing and poetry as a way to express myself. For a short time the poetry seemed to go well and I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with others in an altered medium. Lately though I have not been able to fit it into my life as I really have a lot going on.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really enjoy the challenge. In any given day I can be faced with a technical problem, a personnel issue, an irate client concern, or an issue regarding building maintenance. I am a problem solver and being faced with challenges that keep my mind working keeps me happy.