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Meggie Scott

Meggie Scott

Associate Brand Manager - Global Markets


MBA 2011




Con Agra Foods

How did receiving a Tippie MBA prepare you for your career?   

Tippie gave me all the basic skills an MBA needs to get a job and to survive in the workplace, but most of all, the experiential opportunities taught me how to apply those skills in real-world situations. 

What type of impact did the program have on you both socially and academically?  

One of the biggest differences between Tippie and other programs is the small size of the program that allows for great class bonding. My classmates are all part of my professional network and some of my closest friends. In fact, I am married to one of my classmates and another classmate was our officiant at our wedding.

The other advantage to the small size of the program is that it gives more opportunities to play a leadership role in the MBA community.  In my opinion, having the opportunity to practice your leadership skills while you are learning about leadership is very important. My leadership role was an invaluable experience and it helped a lot in my career search. 

What was the environment like both on and off campus, in and out of the classroom?

The environment at Tippie is great. For an MBA environment, it was a lot less competitive and a lot more cooperative than I expected. I think this has something to do with the Midwest mentality and the students we recruit to Tippie. In general, Tippie students are smart, down to earth, and hard-working.

What were you seeking when you started an MBA, and do you feel that your Tippie MBA helped you achieve it?

I wanted to be in brand management at a CPG company.  I am now in ConAgra Foods Brand Leadership Development Program and I would say I achieved my goals.

How did your participation in extra activities enhance your experience or prepare you for success? 

I was the president of the MBA. This was an invaluable experience. It provided me with the opportunity to practice my leadership skills and was very helpful in job interviews. Most of all, it gave me an opportunity to give back to the MBA program and have a lot of fun as well.

What do you feel sets Tippie apart and above other similar MBA programs? In short, what makes Tippie special?

The ROI at Tippie is phenomenal. I spent less than 1/2 what my coworkers spent on their education, and I am in the same role making the same salary.