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David Rigler

David Rigler

Full-time MBA Student, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business


BBA 2008 (Finance), Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance

Tell us more about your current position.

Prior to pursuing my full-time MBA, I worked as an investment associate at Prospect Partners, a lower-middle-market private equity fund. My position entailed evaluating new investment opportunities and supporting the management teams of our existing investments. My work combined the use of analytical financial models and the evaluation of qualitative factors, such as industry dynamics in which a business operates, to determine the relative attractiveness of the business. Once acquired, I helped the management team of the business to raise capital, execute acquisition opportunities, track and evaluate financial performance, and eventually divest the business. 

Any advice for students?

Get involved with Gamma Iota Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, or the Financial Management Association. Although few in number, one of my greatest regrets from my undergraduate experience was not getting involved in the student organizations at Tippie. The students who took the initiative to participate in those organizations got much more out of their experience at Iowa than those who did not—whether in the form of strong friendships with other business students or through the networking opportunities with potential employers. I can promise that five years after graduation, you will not regret missing a couple of parties, but you will certainly regret not getting involved at Tippie.

What was the greatest benefit of being a part of the Vaughan Institute?

My first job after undergrad was as an investment banking analyst. The RMI certificate from the Vaughan Institute helped to differentiate not only my résumé, but also my thought process in evaluating business opportunities. Students with the RMI certificate from the University of Iowa could stand out to investment banks that evaluated hundreds of applicants with only finance majors from other large universities. Classes from the RMI program taught me how to view and quantify risk in the context of a corporation. The concepts I learned—such as natural hedges, the law of large numbers, and categorizing risks in terms of frequency and severity—provided me with valuable frameworks to understand and deal with the risks that companies face.