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David Rigler

David Rigler



BBA 2008, Risk Management and Insurance Certificate


Prospect Partners LLC

What are the responsibilities of your current position?

I assist in the evaluation of new investment opportunities and support existing portfolio companies in their efforts to grow.

How did receiving the RMI Certificate help you land your first job?

The RMI Certificate helped me to differentiate myself from the other applicants. I competed against other finance majors from other Big Ten schools, but the RMI Certificate helped me to stand out on paper and in the interview.

How are you able to apply what you learned in class to your work today?

My course work in the Vaughan Institute provided me with a different way of looking at companies and risk. I learned how to quantify risk and how companies and individuals address risk. Learning how to quantify and define risks provided me with an objective way to evaluate and deal with risk. The Vaughan Institute taught me the skills needed to break down an issue quantitatively and then assess what course of action to take with the information provided. I use that same thought process on a daily basis when evaluating investment opportunities.

Why would you encourage other students to pursue the certificate?

Beyond the knowledge base that RMI students gain from the program, the certificate allows job-seeking students to differentiate themselves from all the other finance students from other universities. The RMI Certificate stands out to prospective employers and tells them that the candidate is able to think analytically in terms of risk.

Why was attending the Tippie College right for you?

Tippie provided me with a strong foundation of analytical skills and financial knowledge that transferred appropriately into the working world. I acquired a practical knowledge base at Tippie that prepared me well for a career in investment banking and private equity.