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Catie Sebolt

Catie Sebolt

Commercial lines underwriter


BBA 2012 (Finance)
Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance


Liberty Mutual Insurance, West Des Moines, Iowa

What are the responsibilities of your current position?

I manage a book of business and maintain relationships with agents to write new business and retain renewals.

How did receiving the RMI Certificate help you land your first job?

Receiving the RMI Certificate gave me a basic knowledge of insurance, something that ended up being very valuable in internship interviews. I was able to show someone that I was dedicated to the industry and wanted to learn more through an internship. I was able to start ahead of my peers who did not have that basic knowledge and I understood topics better through hands-on experience. Showing my basic knowledge, as well as what I had learned throughout my internship, helped me land my first job.

How are you able to apply what you learned in class to your work today?

I use a number of financial ratios discussed in some of the finance and insurance courses when analyzing financial statements of potential insureds. In class, we got a big-picture view of insurance, and now in a full-time job, I learn about the smaller, finer details and continue to build on the foundation I obtained at Tippie.

Why would you encourage other students to pursue the certificate?

The certificate sets you apart from other business students and can help establish a basic foundation of insurance knowledge. This foundation helps in interviews and shows someone your desire to go into the industry, not just wanting to find a job. Also, pursuing the certificate can provide valuable networking opportunities with insurance professionals, including CEOs and company presidents.

Why was attending the Tippie College right for you?

Tippie provided me with endless opportunities to develop myself professionally, develop my teamwork skills, and make countless connections to help build a network I can use outside of college.