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Erin Wonsmos

Erin Wonsmos

Marketing Coordinator


BBA 2009


Finance, RMI Certificate


The IMT Group

What are the responsibilities of your current position?

I promote a positive organization for the companies of The IMT Group (IMT Insurance and Wadena Insurance) by writing, preparing, and delivering information about the organization, whether it is to our agents, policyholders, or employees. Specifically, I market through advertising, brand management, and communications using traditional, digital, and social media, as well as events. I also focus on customer acquisition and retention including product development.

How did receiving the RMI Certificate help you land your first job?

The RMI Certificate provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed in landing a job during a touch economic market. The ability to walk into an employer with a foundation of the business is a mutually beneficial partnership.

How are you able to apply what you learned in class to your work today?

The skills and knowledge gained through the classroom was very valuable to my day-to-day work. The industry knowledge and language has been an important part in communicating with coworkers and clients. Combining the language and knowledge with strong quantitative and analytical skills learned allows you to stand out in your career.

Why would you encourage other students to pursue the certificate?

Obtaining the RMI Certificate will open an unlimited amount of opportunity for any student. There's so much more to the industry than you think and getting involved with the Vaughan Institute opens your eyes to see what's out there. In addition, the industry-specific skills and knowledge you walk away with are priceless as you enter the workforce.

Why was attending the Tippie College right for you?

Tippie provides you with the necessary tools to achieve your personal and professional goals. In the insurance industry, relationships are very critical. Tippie prepares you by offering a collaborative environment in which you can develop the skills needed before entering the workforce.