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Jason McKeever

Jason McKeever

Life Underwriter


BBA 2007, RMI Certificate


RMI Certificate


Principal Financial Group

What are the responsibilities of your current position?

My responsibilities are currently split between underwriting and projects for underwriting and new business. I underwrite individual life applications from across the United States. We assess each applicant to make sure the medical and financial risks are insurable and then determine the appropriate risk classification.

It’s a rewarding job as you are having a direct impact to the bottom line of the company in each decision you make. Every application is different and presents unique risks to evaluate.

The experience and knowledge I gained through the RMI Certificate has allowed me to excel in the project realm as well. I’ve worked with all areas of the company including distribution, product, marketing, and actuarial to assist in a new accelerated underwriting process for our applicants, which is one of the first in the industry. It’s been an amazing opportunity to work on and one that I was prepared for due to the knowledge and experience gained through the Vaughan Institute and RMI Certificate.

How did receiving the RMI Certificate help you land your first job?

The RMI Certificate helped by providing me with the extra course work and knowledge needed to stand out during job interviews. It also helped me build relationships with individuals at the Principal Financial Group while I was trying to determine my career path at the company I wanted to apply at. In addition to the certificate, the Vaughan Institute provided me with many opportunities to network with industry professionals and connected me socially to other students with the same interests.

How are you able to apply what you learned in class to your work today?

The foundation of skills that are taught are applicable on a daily basis, and are built upon with whichever career path one may choose. Group projects, presentations, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and computer analytics are all pieces of that foundation that is highly regarded in the industry.

Why would you encourage other students to pursue the certificate?

You gain an advantage with specialized skill sets when you are competing with other students for similar jobs. The newly offered risk modeling course really prepares students for where the industry is heading and is a skill set highly sought after from recruiters.

Why was attending the Tippie College right for you?

The Tippie College provides students with the knowledge they need to be successful in the industry. Everything is thoughtfully set up—from the degree programs, class sizes, and professors—to help students achieve success at the next level.