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Karyn Droessler

Karyn Droessler

Commercial Lines Underwriter


BBA 2009 (Finance)


Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

What are the responsibilities of your current position?

My responsibilities include analyzing commercial property and GL applications to see if they are a good risk for our company. If we accept the risk, we then decide at what pricing and what terms and conditions we will offer a policy. I also support management by helping to amend the underwriting guidelines, testing rating systems, and helping to train new underwriters. I also meet with agents every so often to inform them of our products and services offered.

How did receiving the RMI Certificate help you land your first job?

Receiving the RMI Certificate helped to give me insurance knowledge that I'd
use every day at work. It was that much easier to step into an underwriting role with a good background of knowledge.

How are you able to apply what you learned in class to your work today?

Every day I use the knowledge from the basic Principles of Insurance,
Property and Casualty, and Risk Management classes I took to underwrite
accounts. All of the material I learned is the basic foundation for the work that I do every day.

Why would you encourage other students to pursue the certificate?

I would absolutely encourage students to pursue the certificate. If you want to get a job in this industry, the certificate definitely gives you an edge over others you will be competing for jobs against. You'll not only have a basic understanding of what your future job might entail, but you'll be able to talk about it intelligently in an interview. Not to mention, starting an insurance or risk management job will be that much easier if you know the basic lingo of the industry.

Why was attending the Tippie College right for you?

I was very impressed with the classes offered, not to mention the knowledge
of the faculty. I think Tippie has some of the best business professors out there. Tippie also offered countless opportunities for internships and ways to get involved in the College of Business. Without those opportunities, I wouldn't have developed the skills or made the connections that I needed to gain employment and be successful at my job.