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Jeffrey Ding

Jeffrey Ding


Economics (Policy Track)
Political Science
International Business Certificate

Moving from Shanghai to Iowa City at the age of three, Jeffrey came to Tippie with a unique perspective on cultural difference and a keen interest in building bridges.

Graduating from high school with enough credit to begin classes at Iowa as a junior, he quickly charted a rigorous academic path here, reflecting his interests in crossing cultural divides and acquiring the academic grounding to better understand them.

At Tippie, Jeffrey was admitted to the International Perspectives Program, which is administered through Tippie’s Institute for International Business and provides advising, programming, and study abroad guidance for business students also majoring in a foreign language. With a second major in Chinese, Jeffrey will be studying abroad in China for the first semester of his senior year, where his focus will be on language fluency.

In addition to the study abroad opportunities, the Tippie experience on campus provides valuable exposure to other cultures.

"Around twenty percent of the Tippie population is international. I think being able to build connections with people from diverse backgrounds is an integral part of a business education, and Tippie provides a unique opportunity for students to do that in the classroom and in various student organizations," said Ding. 

Outside of Tippie, Jeffrey has been part of a campus-wide effort to share information about diversity initiatives on campus. In the Fall of 2013, student leaders collaborated to create the first database of UI student organizations and training programs that encourage and honor diversity.

The list is being publicized by UI Student Government. Jeffrey hopes that it will help to build bridges and enable students to see, in one location, the great amount of work being done to welcome diverse perspectives at Iowa.

"This collaboration really shows that there are a lot of people passionate about these issues," said Ding. 

Jeffrey’s own perspective as an Iowa City native with cultural ties to China places him in a unique position to offer suggestions for welcoming Tippie’s large international student population

"I think American students should try to get to know one international student in each class they take," said Ding. "They should recruit international students into their clubs. And most importantly, they should increase their own awareness of cultural diversity through the many cool things going on at Tippie."

Ding mentioned the Chinese name pronunciation workshops, the Global Engagement Student Advisory Board, the Greater China Business Association, and the Multicultural Business Student Association were all good programs to get involved with.

With an exceptional academic record and a passion for connecting culturally diverse groups, Jeffrey is planning on graduate school in either public policy or international economics. He hopes to be remembered here as someone with integrity, compassion, and perseverance.