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Qing Zhang

Qing Zhang


Owner of three patents
Serves on Board of Directors for Chinese export company
Fluent in Chinese, English, and Japanese


Economics (Policy Track)

Qing Zhang's time at the Tippie College of Business has served as a launching pad from one extraordinary achievement to another. Coming to Iowa with three patents, extensive leadership experience in his family business, and an ambitious plan for graduate school, Qing has achieved exceptional grades while maintaining his existing business commitments, and was accepted at a number of highly selective MBA programs.

Originally from Guiyang in south-central China, Qing acquired a global perspective from an early age, attending high schools in Guiyang, Seattle, and Brisbane, Australia.  He then lived in San Francisco for more than four years, assisting with his family’s export operation at its U.S. headquarters.

After living on the West Coast and traveling often to the East Coast, Qing chose to complete his undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa because he wanted to experience the Midwest at a well-known and well respected university.  He says that "many of my friends told me UI is a very good university, and I knew that the UI, especially Tippie, has very well qualified professors."

At Tippie, Qing committed himself to academic work and connected with faculty for the support he needed.  Qing remembers how Professor Dave Collins once said to him, "You are everywhere in this building! I see you every day!" Qing is especially grateful for the connection with Professor Ray Riezman in the Economics Department, who helped guide his decision on graduate school.

Qing holds three patents for a portable cell phone charger and has recently received approval for its sale in Wal-Mart in the U.S. While pursuing this venture and maintaining a leadership role in his family's business (which is planning for an IPO with investors Morgan Stanley in the next few years), Qing was accepted to seven top graduate programs and has chosen an Ivy League MBA.

In looking back at his time at Tippie, Qing is most proud of the hard work he put into his academics and the connections he made with faculty.  He says, "In my two years of UI life, I tried my best to study well. I am the student who is a frequent visitor to professors' offices. I am also frequently in the business library where fortunately, I improved both my English and knowledge."

The skills and connections he made at Tippie have made the next steps possible, and for that, Qing is very proud to be a Hawkeye.