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Renea Jay

Renea Jay

Ph.D. Program Coordinator

Ph.D. students dedicate five to six years of intense study and research to receive their doctorate degree at Tippie. During that challenging period, they know there's someone there to guide them and support them. They know they're in the capable hands of Renea Jay, Ph.D. Program coordinator at Tippie.

"From the time an applicant sends in their materials to be considered for the Ph.D. program, to the time they walk across the stage to be hooded by their advisor, I'm with them every step of the way," said Jay.
Jay makes sure the students meet their department requirements, follow the policies of the Tippie College and abide by the Graduate College rules and regulations.
"I'm basically their mom for five to six years," she explains with a smile.
Renea "parents" approximately 100 Ph.D. students each year.

Working with students for that length of time allows Renea to get to know them well. Each fall she and her husband welcome current Ph.D. students to their home for a picnic.
Her office is filled with two bulletin boards loaded with photos of current students, past students, and their children's photos, too. She says she can't bring herself to remove any of the pictures because all of them hold a special place in her heart.

"The students truly are like my children. Once they enter my life, they never leave."

Renea was honored with the College's Edith Ennis Award in 2006 for her selfless commitment to her work and the students of Tippie.