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Tiffani Orange

Tiffani Orange


MBA 1995


Manager, Office of Diversity & Inclusion Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich.

Sometimes things are just meant to be. Take the job search and career of 1995 MBA alumna Tiffani Orange.

In the spring of 1995, Ford Motor Company came to The University of Iowa campus to recruit students to fill open positions. Tiffani was nearing the end of her full-time MBA degree program and keeping an eye out for recruiting opportunities. She attended the Ford information session on campus and just days later, Tiffani would have an interview in Detroit, Michigan.

At the time of her interview, Tiffani was taking a Tuesday-Thursday course taught by Tippie College of Business Professor Frank Schmidt. On Tuesday, Professor Schmidt led a discussion on how employers recruit employees and the testing tools they use. The next day, Tiffani had the interview at Ford.

"We learned about assessment centers employers use to determine the best job candidates, and the next day I was at Ford's marketing headquarters for a formal job interview and they happened to use an assessment center during my interview. I was literally applying what I learned in class the day before. A portion of the interview consisted of a simulated workday for a Ford employee, and I was asked to prioritize the tasks of the day. Of course, I didn't have a clue about the specific operation of dealerships then, but they were looking for certain key skills and abilities in their applicants—something I had just discussed the previous day in class. Talk about instant application."

By the time the class resumed on Thursday, Tiffani received a job offer in Ford's marketing sales and service organization and she accepted it. She recalls sharing her interview experience in class and answering many questions from her classmates.

Her excellent preparation for that job interview led to an ambitious career. One position she held was the diversity & inclusion manager for the Americas at Ford Motor Company based in Dearborn, Michigan. She was responsible for developing and implementing the global strategy for diversity and inclusion throughout the Manufacturing, Marketing Sales & Service, and Product Development organizations.  Today, Tiffani is the Manager of US Recruiting Strategy and Programs at Ford.

"I was not only prepared for the job interview—I really felt prepared for my career at Ford. This is due in part to the consulting roles I filled as an MBA student. We partnered with companies to help them solve real business issues. I learned how to tackle issues as a team and that was important. I gained valuable knowledge and experience that I took directly to my job."

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