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Lon Moeller

Lon Moeller

Clinical Professor and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program, Business


BBA 1982 (Industrial Relations & Human Resources),
MBA 1984,
J.D., 1987

Lon Moeller’s students find out quickly he's passionate about a few subjects. Baseball and teaching.

Whether he's teaching Introduction to Law or an upper-level course in Nonprofit Management, Negotiations, or Conflict Management, his passions are easy to determine.

His love of baseball developed at an early age

"A long time ago my third-grade teacher assigned a book for me to read. It was the Lou Gehrig story, and that led me to read another about Babe Ruth, and before I knew it, I was a real fan of baseball, in particular the Yankees."

Today he follows baseball closely and his interest spills into his classrooms.

"I try to use a lot of baseball examples in class, because I think it is a relatable subject,” he says.

He says if he followed his childhood plan, he’d be a retired baseball player by now. But instead he found an unexpected passion he developed into a fulfilling career.

He discovered his interest in teaching while he was a student at The University of Iowa, while studying business. He was in graduate school and had a teaching assistantship.

"That's when I fell in love with the classroom. I've held a variety of positions since then, but I have very fond memories of being a TA. That's what motivated me to be an educator.”

Lon earned three degrees from The University of Iowa: BBA, MBA, and J.D. His prior positions include system legal counsel at University of Wisconsin System, attorney/compliance officer at the University of Iowa Office of Affirmative Action, and attorney, private law practice in both Wisconsin and Iowa. In 2009 Lon was named associate dean, Undergraduate Program in Business.

His law background is a valuable asset in his new role.

"A part of the position requires understanding policies and regulations, and that's one way my law background is helpful," he says. "A general understanding of the law and how it impacts education is helpful too; something I gained through practice and serving as university counsel in Wisconsin."

He says he also capitalizes on his years of experience in arbitration and negotiation as associate dean.

"I think it helps me gather facts important to the decision and allows me to see both sides of an issue."

In addition to his associate dean duties, Lon also serves on various University committees including Presidential Committee on Athletics, Student Judicial Commission, Conflict of Interest in Employment, and University Faculty Judicial Commission.

Bringing leadership and teaching excellence to Tippie students, in a personalized way. That's Lon Moeller. He's living The Power of I.

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