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Danny Frangi

Danny Frangi


BBA 2007 (Finance)


Fixed Income Operations Officer, HSBC Bank, Dubai

Danny Frangi, BBA07, has what it takes to work in the fast-paced, multicultural environment as a fixed income operations officer in treasury operations at HSBC Bank in Dubai.

Frangi's team works directly with the fixed income trading floor. Once the traders finalize a deal, he says, "we deliver or receive the bonds for cash or cash for bonds. We also fund our cash accounts (USD, GBP, EUR, AED), depending on what has settled and failed during the course of the day," he says. "In addition, my team trades CDS (credit default swaps). During the financial meltdown, we saw CDS trading skyrocket as CDS spreads increase phenomenally."

In Dubai, Frangi says, people who hold diplomas from institutions in the United States and Europe are looked upon very highly.

"Employers know that individuals educated there go through four years of real-world education," he says. "My education at Tippie, especially my Fixed Income Securities course, gave me the edge I needed, and it set me up for the real world," he says. "All the material I learned in that class, I deal with at work every day. Graduating from Tippie, which is highly ranked, helped drive the edge even further."

Frangi enjoys the metropolitan aspect of Dubai.

"Unlike other Middle Eastern countries, where everything is very restrictive, there are cafes, malls, and a lot of activities to do," he says.

He works in an area called Emaar Square, located in front of the world's tallest building (Burj Dubai), which is almost complete.

"I've enjoyed watching them build it. Let me tell you, it's huge!"