Recruiters and Companies

Interested in recruiting and connecting with Tippie students? We make it easy for you to recruit on campus and online. Here's how:

Undergraduate Recruiting

Work with the Pomerantz Career Center to post jobs and internships, view resumes, participate in career fairs, conduct on-campus interviews, recruit online, and more. Contact: Crystal Stockdale

Contact Brian Richman if you're interested in recruiting investment banking students and Viana Rockel for risk management and insurance students.

MBA Recruiting

MBA Career Services connects students and employers through direct referrals, on-campus and virtual interviews, resume books, online job postings, career fairs, and info sessions. Contact: Kelley Drowne

Hands-On Projects

Student teams are ready to take on semester projects for small, local businesses and national, publicly-traded companies—and everything in between. Contact: Phil Jordan

MBA students take on more extensive projects. The majority require a cross-functional team coordinated by our Business Solutions Center; others are specific to functional areas like marketing, finance, supply chain, or analytics. Contact: Mark Winkler

Hosting a Table

Companies often host a table during high traffic times (11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) in the Pappajohn Business Building. Tables are typically set up at the entrance near Pat's Diner off the T. Anne Cleary Walkway. Limit one per company.

Gallerias are also available if you need more space for displays, larger student groups, food, or giveaways. Fees are $50/half day and $100/full day. Include a table with your galleria reservation.

Reserve tables and gallerias online (no more than three months in advance). You'll receive a confirmation and will be responsible for set up and clean up.

Student Organizations

Speak to student organizations or sponsor one of their events. Look for a group that best fits your needs. Some are focused on specific majors while others are more general.

Why Iowa Students?

"When we hire students from the College of Business, they are prepared, articulate, and professional. The diverse majors offered at the College of Business present excellent job candidates."
Kristin Minnehans, Campus Relations Consultant, Principal Financial Group

"Iowa graduates continue to perform, as a group, in a distinguished manner. Over the years, we have experienced their outstanding work ethic and excellent accounting skills."
Douglas Calvin, Managing Partner (Retired), PwC

"Deere & Company is intent upon satisfying the majority of its new accounting employee requirements from its internship program. The University of Iowa has been designated as one of the universities of greatest strategic importance to Deere and has been one of its primary sources for accounting talent. More than 100 UI accounting graduates are employed in financial counseling roles throughout Deere."
James Darby, Director of Human Resources, Deere & Company