Two students using computer

State-of-the-Art Technology

Technology plays a large role in the world of business, so graduates must have the skills to use technology to their advantage in the workplace. Not only are Tippie students exposed to the latest software, but they have access to some of the largest and most up-to-date computer labs on campus.

Bill Hedgcock/fMRI

A Leading Research Institution

Tippie faculty members are respected around the world for their research. Bill Hedgcock, assistant professor of marketing and the Daniel E. McLean Research Fellow, uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology to look at images of the brain to find out why people make bad decisions.

Interactive Tippie Wall

The Tippie View

Market trading data and information is literally at the fingertips of business students at the Pappajohn Business Building. This interactive wall is equipped with touch screens that not only keep students current on trending business news and information, it helps visitors stay informed about what is happening in the college and much more. It’s located at the building’s south entrance.


The Impact of Research

Tippie faculty members are reknowned for their research. See why.


Stead Technology Services Group (STSG)

Serving the college's technology needs.


Tools That Bring Theory to Life

The college uses technology as a tool to bring theory to life and to keep students informed about what is going on at the University of Iowa and in the world of business. We offer wireless access throughout the John Pappajohn Business Building, and electronic kiosks display the latest news and events, including the financial markets.

Tippie students have access to:

  • the second largest computer lab on the University of Iowa campus where there are more than 100 computers. Business students receive preferential access to the lab from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
  • business-oriented software and access to numerous financial databases;
  • 20 email stations where students can log on to check class schedules or specific class assignments, grades, and course work;
  • more than two dozen Tablet PCs;
  • software to schedule appointments with their advisors online;
  • Bloomberg terminal, located in the third-floor library, which allows business students to monitor and analyze market data in real time;
  • video editing equipment. Video editing assistance is available from Tippie staff, if needed;
  • equipment from the Stead Technology Services Group, such as video cameras, MP3 recorders, and projectors. Stead staff are available to offer assistance in web development for individuals and student organizations; and
  • a dedicated computer lab for business analytics and information systems (BAIS) majors.