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Sara Rynes

Rynes receives SHRM Research Award

The most recent Michael R. Losey Human Resource Research Award was given to Sara Rynes, John F. Murray Professor of Management and Organizations in the Tippie College of Business, by the board of the Society for Human Resource Management, the HR Certification Institute, and the SHRM Foundation. The award recognizes human resource professionals or researchers whose contributions significantly advance the field of human resource management, and it helps fund future individual contributions to the field.

Brain images show that self-control depletes with use

William HedgcockNew brain images from McLean Research Fellow and neuro-marketing expert William Hedgcock show what it looks like when a person runs out of patience and loses self-control. His research confirms previous studies that show self-control is a finite commodity that is depleted by use. We're less likely to keep our cool the next time we're faced with a situation that requires self-control.

Employee training might actually increase turnover

Scott SeibertAmerican businesses spend billions of dollars training employees to produce a better, more productive workforce. But a new study by Scott Seibert, associate professor of management and organizations and Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow, finds that many of these programs might actually increase turnover while driving up a firm's costs.

Investors put their faith in finance

Amrita NainA new study by Amrita Nain, assistant professor of finance, suggests that investors put more faith in venture capitalists and other private financial firms than they do in corporations when it comes to evaluating mergers and acquisitions. When both a corporate and financial buyer are aiming at the same takeover target, the presence of the financial company sends a signal that the target is undervalued and a good buy.

Online merchants who emphasize price are less reliable

Gautam PantWhen buying online, beware the dollar sign. A new study by Gautam Pant, assistant professor of management sciences, suggests that online merchants who display dollar signs in the titles of their Google search engine results may be less reliable than merchants who don't. The research was part of a larger study to measure online reliability using visual cues in search engine results.

Research opens window to see how Chinese businesses are managed

Ryan WilsonAccording to research by Ryan Wilson, associate professor of accounting, companies in China lower their tax bills by taking advantage of a government policy designed to promote economic development in targeted regions such as high-tech development zones. The companies use a technique called income shifting to move money from the books of a subsidiary in one part of the country to a subsidiary in another.

Income worries, delayed marriage reduce home ownership among young Americans

Martin GervaisChronic income worries and delayed marriage are behind a decades-long slump in home ownership among young people, according to research by Martin Gervais, associate professor of economics and Leonard A. Hadley Research Fellow. Home ownership among Americans between 25 and 44 has been trending down since 1980, well before the housing collapse in 2006.

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