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 Tax Research: Educating the Educators

Tippie's Ph.D. Program in Accounting—the only doctoral accounting program in Iowa—continues to educate undergraduate and graduate students who will become leading faculty researchers and educators.

Accounting as lawsuit shield

Richard MergenthalerDisgruntled shareholders are more likely to sue firms that use principles-based accounting standards instead of rules-based standards, according to research by Richard Mergenthaler, assistant professor of accounting.

The brains of Congress

William HedgcockWilliam Hedgcock, assistant professor of marketing and Dan E. McLean Research Fellow, says that, politics aside, our elected representatives' behavior is consistent with what is known as trade-off avoidance, a human tendency to ignore difficult decisions that could lead to discomfort.

Friendly, not always helpful

Ning LiA new study by Ning Li, assistant professor of management and organizations, suggests that businesses who hire extroverts may not be getting the gregarious, helpful team players they think they're hiring.

Race not a factor in hiring black NFL coaches

John SolowResearch by John Solow, professor of economics and Justice International Business Research Fellow, suggests that race is not an important factor in promotion decisions for head NFL coaches.

Conflict of interest in mutual fund management

Ashish TiwariInvestors in some mutual funds may see a drag on their returns of almost one percent a year because of a potential conflict of interest in their fund's management, says Ashish Tiwari, associate professor of finance and Michael Sandler Research Fellow.

Saving money while making your vote count

Jeff OhlmannGetting polling machines to polling places too early can increase the risk of voter fraud, says Jeffrey Ohlmann, associate professor of management sciences and Huneke Research Fellow.

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