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Speakers at Tippie - 2009 Archive

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Doug Stone  

Doug Stone (BBA 1988)
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Terra Industries
December 4, 2009


Graduate Financial Management Association (GFMA) Forum
David Tentinger, CFA, BBA 1985, Sr. VP and Chief Operating Executive of Worldwide Operations and Technology, Northern Trust; Perry Glassgow, BBA 1986, VP and Treasurer, Harley-Davidson; Dirk Laschanzky, CFA, BBA 1988/MBA 1997, Portfolio Manager at Principal Global Investors; Jon Horick, CFA, Managing Principal, Northland Directions
November 20, 2009


Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) Marketing Forum
Catherine Captain, BA 1983, Vice President, Marketing; Jill Enabnit, BS 1997/MBA 2000, Vice President, Database Marketing; US Bank Lynette Friedrich, BBA 1987, International Direct Marketing Manager, American Airlines
November 6, 2009

Norm Johnson  

Norm Johnson (BBA 1971)
Chairman, President and CEO
October 30, 2009 (U.S. Bank Executive Speaker Series)

Consuelo Madere  

Consuelo Madere (MBA 91)
Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division
October 9, 2009 (Pearson Diversity Speaker Series)

Ted Waitt  

Ted Waitt
Gateway Computers
October 8, 2009 (John R. Hughes Lecture Series)

Don Peterson  

Don Peterson (BBA 1983)
Vice President, Strategic Clients
Digital River, Inc.
October 7, 2009

Hal Daub  

Hal Daub
Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP
September 28, 2009 (Pearson Speaker Series)

Kevin Holt  

Kevin Holt (BBA89)
Finance Academy Speaker
Managing Director
Van Kampen Funds
September 18, 2009

Joe Crookham  

Joe Crookham (MBA64)
Musco Lighting
April 29, 2009 (MidWest One Bank Community Lecture Series)

John Rice  

John Rice
Vice Chairman
General Electric
April 28, 2009 (Knapp Leadership Lecture Series)


Real Estate Forum
Dan McLean (BBA70), President, MCL Companies, John Bergstrom (BBA74), Sr. VP, General Growth Properties, Don Gaurino, Vice President, Valuation & Research, AEGON
April 24, 2009 (Sponsored by the Tippie Real Estate Club)

Kathy Ameche  

Kathy Ameche (BBA83)
President & CEO
The Ameche Group
Author, The Woman Road Warrior: A Woman's Guide to Business Travel
April 17, 2009

Roger Ferguson  

Roger Ferguson
President & CEO
March 25, 2009 (Bowen Lecture)

Gary Kabureck  

Gary Kabureck
Corporate Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
Xerox Corporation
March 11, 2009

Jeff Myers  

Jeff Myers (MBA 92)
Vice President and General Manager
Meredith Special Interest Media
March 6, 2009

Thomas Mohr  

Thomas Mohr
President and CEO
AET Films
March 4, 2009 (Knapp Leadership Lecture Series)

Zach Bromert  

Zach Bromert (BBA99)
Product Line Manager
Nike Global Running
Intro to Marketing Class
February 27, 2009 (Pearson Speaker Series)

Zach Bromert  

Zach Bromert (BBA99)
Product Line Manager
Nike Global Running
Brand Management Class
February 26, 2009 (Pearson Speaker Series)

Tiffani Orange  

Tiffani Orange (MBA95)
Diversity & Worklife Manager
Ford Motor Company
February 23, 2009 (Pearson Diversity Speaker Series)

Thomas Kloet  

Thomas Kloet (BBA80)
TMX Group (the Toronto Stock Exchange)
February 10, 2009 (Knapp Leadership Lecture Series)