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WolfVision Document CameraAnnotations

Document Camera Instructions

Pappajohn classrooms are equipped with a WolfVision Document Camerawolfvision document camera link.

Operating Instructions

  1. If the Document Camera is in the storage position, pull up on the ring (#8) to extend the arm, then rotate the camera head to the vertical position so it points at the working surface (#4).
  2. Turn on the Document Camera with the Power button (#5). Upon start-up, the Document Camera is preset to Autofocus On, AutoIris On, and Zoom is set to 20x15 cm (7x6 inches).
  3. Switch to the Document Camera Source on the Podium Control Panel.
  4. You can switch the top light (#2) with the Light button (#6). Use the light for illuminating the working surface. Turn the light off for projecting transparencies. The top light will come on automatically when powering up the Document Camera.
  5. To return the Document Camera to the storage positon, rotate the camera head to the horizontal position, hold the base with one hand, and pull the ring (#8) toward you.

To capture the image from the Document Camera to a graphic file on the computer, use the Document Camera Capture icon
(located on the Start|All Programs|Utilities menu).

Once the Visualizer software is running, you may capture an image using the toolbar buttons or the menu items. See Visualizer Software Instructions below for details on capturing images with the Document Camera.

Visualizer Software Instructions

The Wolfvision Visualizer Software allows you to capture an image from the Document Camera in the Pappajohn classrooms to a file on the computer. You can save these files in one of three formats:

  • Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
  • JPEG Compressed format (.JPG)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.TIF)

Visualizer Operations

  • To capture a picture from the Document Camera, select Save Picture from the File menu, or click on the disk icon.

Wolf Menu

  • To preview a captured picture, select one of options from the Visualizer Functions menu:
    • Full view—view a full-resolution view of the Document Camera
    • Continous Full View—full-resolution view that constantly updates (motion is jerky)
    • Preview—view a low-resolution view of the Document Camera
    • Continuous Preview—low resolution view that constantly updates (motion is very smooth)
  • To change the resolution of the captured picture, select Options|Save Picture Format.
    The default resolution (Native) is 1024x768.