Stead Technology Services Group

Laptop Connection Procedures


Each of the classrooms in the Pappajohn Business Building have the capability to connect a laptop to the projection system in the room. The connection cables emerge from the cable grommet in the center back portion of the podium desktop. Power is provided for your laptop—pull up on the power strip next to the cable grommet to reveal the AC outlets.

Follow these procedures to complete the connection.

  1. Before powering on the laptop computer:
    1. Connect the video cable to the VGA input of your laptop.
      NOTE: Macintosh computers often require an adapter to connect to this cable.
    2. Connect the audio cable to the sound input of your laptop, if sound is required.
    3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet connector on your laptop, if network connectivity is required.
      NOTE: Configure your network card to automatically obtain an IP address (DHCP).
  2. Power on your laptop.
  3. If the projection system is turned off, power up the projector (click here for projector instructions). Select the source labeled LPTP on the projector switcher.
  4. Most laptops will automatically switch the output to the external monitor. If the screen output of your laptop is not being projected on the screen, you may need to manually switch the output of the laptop. This is usually accomplished through a function key combination. Generally the key sequence is Fn+F8 (labeled LCD/CRT). Pressing this key combination will toggle through the output options: LCD only, CRT only, or both. Some laptops will allow this setting to be changed through the Display Control Panel (Windows operating systems). On some newer laptops, the external VGA connector will output a second display instead of the desktop that shows on the internal laptop screen. You may need to adjust settings in the laptop's BIOS, or in the Display Control Panel (Windows operating systems) to view the desired display.
  5. The optimum refresh rate and resolution for PBB classroom projectors is 60 Hz, and 1024X768.
  6. Please return the switcher to the COMP position, and lower the power strip when removing your laptop from the projection system.


Laptop connection procedures in S401 and W401 are very similar to the above, with the following exceptions:

  1. The switcher is located on the column next to the computer podium.
  2. Power is also located on the column next to the computer podium or in the floor in the center front of the room.