Stead Technology Services Group

Wireless Mouse Instructions

Pappajohn classrooms offer the option of a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Wireless Mouse

  1. Use it like an ordinary mouse on the desktop
  2. Control it in the air with subtle movements of your wrist. You have complete control of the computer just like you would with a regular mouse.
To use the Wireless Mouse in the air:
  1. Remove the Wireless Mouse from its cradle and hold it in a comfortable, relaxed position with your index finger on the Activate Button (located on the underside of the mouse) and your thumb on the Select Buttons (right and left mouse buttons on the top of the mouse).
  2. Click on any button to turn on the mouse. The light on the handset glows green to indicate adequate battery charge.
  3. Press and hold the Activate button with your index finger to move the cursor.
  4. While holding the Activate button, move your wrist up, down, sideways, in a manner similar to using a flashlight. The mouse cursor moves in the direction desired.
  5. Use your thumb to control the left/right mouse (select) buttons or the scroll button.
  6. Double-click the Activate button to keep the cursor continuously active. To stop the cursor, click the Activate button once.

If you are unsure about how to use the GyroMouse, please contact STSG in C240 or W294 for a quick demonstration.

Wireless Keyboard

The keyboard works just like a wired keyboard.

NOTE: Wired keyboards and mice are provided in the room in case the wireless technology fails. They are stored under the desktop on the right-hand side of the podium.

Please remember to replace the wireless mouse back in its cradle before leaving the room! Report any wireless technology failures to either the Space Planning Hotline (posted in the room) or to STSG.