Stead Technology Services Group

Laptop Connection Instructions

The Plasma Display located in each conference room is capable of displaying an external computer video source (in addition to the computer located in the room).

To connect a laptop computer to the Plasma Display:

  1. Connect the laptop video connection cable located in the room to your laptop SVGA out connector. The cable (located in the cabinet under the AV equipment) has a video cable, audio cable, and network cable bundled together. If you require Internet access or audio, connect the appropriate cable to the proper port on the laptop.
  2. Using the AV Control Panel, change the input to Laptop.
  3. Power on your laptop. Most laptops will detect the presence of an external video monitor and will automatically enable the external monitor. If the screen output of your laptop is not being sent to the Plasma Display, you may need to manually switch the output of the laptop. This is usually accomplished through a function key combination. Generally the key sequence is Fn+F8 (labeled LCD/CRT). Pressing this key combination will toggle through the output options: LCD only, CRT only, or both. Some laptops will allow this setting to be changed through the Display Control Panel (Windows operating systems).
    On some newer laptops the external VGA connector will output a second display instead of the desktop that shows on the internal laptop screen. You may need to adjust settings in the laptop's BIOS, or in the Display Control Panel (Windows operating systems) to view the desired display.
  4. The maximum refresh rate and resolution for the Plasma Display is 60 Hz and 1399x768.
    • The recommended resolution is 1024x768 (a 4:3 aspect ratio). Your laptop will be displayed in the Normal Aspect mode.
      NOTE: In this mode, you will see gray bars on either side of the screen. To eliminate them, press the Laptop input button on the AV Control Panel a second time—doing this will select Full Aspect mode and will result in some distortion of the displayed image (horizontal stretching).
      To return to Normal Aspect mode, press the Laptop input button again.
    • The maximum (1399x768) resolution is a widescreen ratio (16:9). Use the Full Aspect ratio setting.